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What our Customers are saying

Testimony 1: From my previous renovation experience with other companies, I was really hesitant to go through the process of finishing my basement until I was referred to The Basement Company. Honestly, the experience I had was night and day. They are professional, had my best interest in mind, I never felt like they just wanted to make extra money out of me, but rather gave me great advice that saved me money in my project. Delivered what was promised and on time. I would never think of using anybody else in any future reno. S.A. Mississuaga


Testimony 2: In the area where I live, The Basement Company seems to be the company of choice as they did 3 projects just on my street, so I thought I would give them a try, and by far I wasn’t disappointed. The ideas they gave me throughout the project, the help I got during the color selection, the time punctuality, the on time delivery, the customer service and support, and the list goes on. Thanks guys for making this such a nice smooth experience. M.G. Oakville



-Renovation Services

As our name implies, we specialize in basement renovations, which, as you can guess, we do a lot of (and we mean a lot!). The advantage you get when you work with a company who does as many renovations as we have is simply, experience. We are able to say that we have truly seen it all, and we believe that no project is neither too big nor too small. Our edge is, we strive for uniqueness, that’s why we don’t like to replicate our work, we’ll take your ideas, add our experience and try to come up with a unique design that belongs only to one person and one place, yours.

So whether you’re looking to increase your living space, add your dream Home Theater or Gym, design your own office space, or want to convert your basement to an earning second unit, we’re there for you and we strive to exceed your expectations while doing so. Just always remember you don’t get the chance to design your living space from scratch more than once, and your basement is like a blank piece of paper ready for you to do so, choose a company that has the experience to help you unlock all the potential you have.




Basement Renovation

The alternatives are endless when it comes to renovating your basement, so our first step is to listen to your needs and ensure that we do what you envision. As soon as we get the full picture of what you are envisioning we put these ideas to paper with either 2D or 3D designs to make sure that we have a plan that you’re happy with. And since we have our own state of the art Design Studio, all you have to do is to come visit us and we’ll walk you through choosing all the materials to be used in your project.


Full House Renovation

We’re so grateful to have earned the trust of many clients while working with them on their basements throughout the years. So much so that they invite us back for any house renovation they have. We’ve gotten so many referrals to do full house renovations that it has became part of our business. The process for the client is the same, and the quality of workmanship and time frame is the same as what you would expect from us.


Kitchen and Bar

A Kitchen or a Bar are one of the focal points of a basement renovation if you choose to do one. All of our Kitchens and Bars are custom built for you and to your exact requirements and measurements and we only use quartz counter tops. We also have an array of materials and finishes that you get to choose from depending on the style and budget you have. But the end result is always a huge WOW factor to your project.



Having another bathroom in your basement is becoming a must have for most people, whether it’s a two piece powder room, or a three piece full bathroom, we’ve got you covered. From the choice of materials, the alternate layouts, to the different options you can add to personalize your bathroom, we have it all, and of course a custom built vanity with quartz counter tops is always included in our base offer.



A fireplace is always a nice cozy addition to the décor and many times the functionality of the space you’re trying to create. You can have a gas or electric fireplace depending on your requirements but this isn’t where it ends. Our specialists will help you decide on which type to choose, where to put it, and how to decorate it and make it an integral part of your basement.


Ensuite Bedrooms

Since you’re designing your basement from scratch, now is the time to add a full bedroom ensuite, whether you need a nanny suite, an extra suite for your kids or house guests or maybe a separate ensuite for your in laws, the privacy you get from a basement ensuite is amazing. Come explore the different options of creating this space and maybe utilizing the same space when it’s not being used as a bedroom too.


Our Process


Whether you just drop by our Design studio, give us a call, was referred by one of our many satisfied customers, or visited one of our Open Basements, our first step is arranging for a free estimate where we’ll come to your house, take all measurements required and understand all your requirements and dreams for your new project. This visit normally takes around 60-90 mins.



When you approve the quote sent, the fun part begins; we’ll arrange for an appointment for you to come visit our unique state of the art Design Studio. During this phase, you’ll choose all the items from an array of standard or upgraded selection and explore new options and ideas making sure you build your dream project the way you want. All this will be documented with even the minor of details so you can rest assured that no surprises will happen upon the delivery of the project.



This phase should be the least stressful for you. 2D floor plans will be presented to you early enough (time stated in the contract) and these plans have to be signed off by you before we start the execution phase. Then we start building your dream project as contracted and to the highest quality you come to expect from The Basement Company. Each phase of the project will be carried out by a professional team specialized only in doing this phase, and all plumbing and electrical work is done by certified trades.



Your warranty starts from the completion date and is a full year covering all work done and material used. Although it’s highly unlikely that something will happen to your renovated space, we’re one phone call or email away from attending to your concern.


Our Guarantee

Time Guarantee

The general concept and experience in the market is that most renovation work will never be delivered on time. Because we’re confident that we’ll deliver on time and we want you to also have the same confidence, we were one of the very first to create a very unique concept. If we don’t finish the contracted work on time, we’ll pay you a penalty of $100 for every day its delayed. We obviously wouldn’t offer you this unless we were confident that we would deliver on our promises.


Price Guarantee

Yes…it’s true, we guarantee our price. Actually we believe we’re one of the most competitive companies when it comes to our pricing as we offer the best price for the workmanship and material provided. If you find a better price from one of our competitors, we’ll be glad to compare offers and point out differences, and beat the price if the most unlikely thing happens and you have a better offer.